Hello. Ithaka and ํ•œ์•„์ž„ might look like two people because they have two different names, but I am them; we are me; they are us. And we-they-I do not hire outside help for emails–no team of staff or secretaries around here. Please follow the guidelines below to help me protect my creation time.

Thank you!


Book reviews / manuscript feedback

Please do not send copies of books and manuscripts, print or digital. All such documents will be destroyed upon receipt.

Guest posts / Guest podcasts

Please note that I do not take guest posts on my blogs. Also, I do not invite guests to my podcasts.

Everything I do

Each of my pen names has a website. The front pages list everything they do:

Rights licensing

If you would like to license my work for film, translation, or other projects, please contact me via email.

Other topics

If you would like to contact me about something else, you can email me. Both writing and podcasting can feel quite abstract at times, so it’s lovely to hear from flesh-blood-and-bones humans on the other side of the page/speaker. But please remember that I may not be able to respond to all emails as I try to protect my creation time.