August 2022 Digest

A month of normalization.

“The Sitting Log” died this month, and was replaced by “Ithaka’s Blog.”

아임 드리밍 시즌 3 began.

No new endeavors. My plate is more than full with everything that’s going on right now. Must resist the temptation to start new things! Must keep investing in things that I’ve already started!

Pure Fiction

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Everybody and their neighbor’s dog thinks they can handle the truth.

But the truth is, they can’t.

Three years ago, Madame Polonaise’s Palm Reading Salon went by a different name: the Scientific Palm Studies Institute.

Decorated more like a dentist’s office than a fortunetelling shop, the Institute suffered from misbranding. Only when Madame Polonaise gave up much of her self-respect (and abandoned words like “objective,” “logical,” and “scientific”) did she manage to revive the business. The keywords she uses nowadays include “mystical,” “esoteric,” and “cryptic”–perfectly in line with her clients’ truly false (or falsely true?) expectations.

But one evening, a man with a palm that is most alien to her wants a reading. And when Madame Polonaise sees him for what he is, she cannot look away from the truth anymore…



Updated in 2023 May: The First Spring Cleaning happened. Those who read the blog in real-time (ish) read the posts that were written way back when. But most of them are now gone. Poof.

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아임 드리밍


2023년 5월 업데이트: 첫 대청소가 벌어졌습니다. 블로그를 실시간(스럽게) 읽은 분들은 당시 포스트들을 읽으셨겠지만, 대부분은 이제 사라졌답니다.