December 2022 Digest

The restructuring will happen.

I have decided. For several months I have wondered if the restructuring will or won’t happen–now it has been decided, it will happen.

To the outside world, things won’t be that much different… except that there will be a lot of talk about throwing things away, wrapping things up, and in general, leaving things behind.

This is to make space for new things. It is unclear if all the new things I want in my life will actually happen; it will take time; by definition, a “structure” is something that is designed to last, even when it is “re”-structured. So, whatever changes will appear gradually–perhaps they will take longer than ten years.

But, I will at least start making space right now. I believe it would make no sense for me to try to bring new things in when there isn’t even space. I believe they would run away, if I didn’t make space.

Meanwhile, 아임 드리밍 is out of hiatus and Season 4 started. This whole season is about the restructuring… tangentially. Talking about too many details in public will only blur the vertex; but I can talk about aspects that are useful to others, no matter which vertex they’re headed toward.

Sponge continues on, steadily. I would say it is now in the stability zone.

Both Blog and 일기 are solidly in the daily streak mode. Blog, especially, saw growth in reads.




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  4. November out
  5. Efficiency without sacrificing “quality”
  6. Sadomasochism in coping mechanisms
  7. Rewatching what I’ve already rewatched a dozen times…
  8. (Cow) milk back in my life?
  9. Draft translation for “Watermelon Love Song” done
  10. Separate sender names for separate email aliases!
  11. Much loud rain
  12. Faith is a habit. (archived from old newsletter.)
  13. 📚 “오직 두 사람” (Only Two People) by 김영하 (Kim Young-Ha)
  14. Why I read a book
  15. Chatting with the (limited) early-generation machine overlord
  16. Game plan update (for December)
  17. Time shall disappear and therefore become infinite
  18. Should I want it?
  19. One thing leads to another
  20. (Intermittent) intermittent fasting
  21. Smashwords ends of the year sale
  22. First “nightmare” in a long while
  23. Gloom management
  24. Christmas Past of a 90s Kid
  25. 📚 “Ein Haariger Fall” (Death and a Dog) by Fiona Grace
  26. Quiet music for snowy days
  27. He is the Tech Support of my life (now)
  28. The machine overlords have a voice (multiple voices, actually)
  29. Emily in Paris, new season is here
  30. 100 days of Duolingo…
  31. Confidence out of necessity
  32. Contact info pages complete
  33. Extreme minimalism in book covers
  34. 📚 “피로사회” (Müdigkeitsgesellschaft) by 한병철 (Han Byung-Chul)
  35. Apple enables digital narration
  36. It is raining and I guess today is the day…
  37. The weight of words


아임 드리밍


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