July 2022 Digest

A month of transition.

Most stories that were previously published under my old English pen name have now been re-published under Ithaka O.

There are also some stories that have been published for the first time.

Sponge began.

고막사람 began.

아임 드리밍 시즌 2 wrapped up.

Pure Fiction

🧛‍♀️ 🩸 ⏳

Vampires: lustful, adventurous, cruel…
Meet Celeste: eternally jaded, hopelessly introspective, and more than anything else, lonely.

Celeste lived in solitude for well over a century—never a word about her true identity, never a hint about her bloodthirst to anyone.

A hundred freezing winters have come and gone. Flowers have bloomed and withered as many times.

Given the loneliness and the fatigue from hiding her true self, is it such a big surprise that she told the truth, for once, in response to an incredibly honest question?

But soon, the uncontrollable fallout from her simple, truthful answer unfolds.

✋ 🌑 ☀️

The loving hug. The gentle touch. The tender pat.
They sound nice, for those who don’t kill or get killed.

Laika is nine years old and her hands have never touched anything.

“Touched,” as in felt the friction, heat, or coolness of another person or object.

Because, you see, her hands make matter vanish. It only takes less than a second. Way before she feels a thing, that which is touched disappears, poof.

Even the milk cartons that the nuns install around her wrists to serve as shields. Even the air molecules that her fingers brush against. And sometimes, yes, even living organisms.

Laika might be the loneliest girl on Earth. She lives with the void.

🤖 🦾 🛣

He’s just a delivery guy walking the surface of the earth…
…in an era when humans don’t rule there anymore.

Overcast skies. Greasy roads. Endless sonic tension.

That’s the cold reality a young man must face when he wants to get anywhere above-ground these days. It’s a risk. It can get deadly. Yet he must rise above the shield of safety to protect his loved ones.

If only the machine overlords wouldn’t notice.

(한국어 번역본: 그들은 붉은 피를 흘리지 않기에)

🐈 📺 🏞

Nothing beats watching cat videos.
Especially in a world where cats don’t exist anymore.

Flora loves nothing more than cats.

And Firmament, an advanced algorithm, shows her exactly the kinds of videos she loves.

So, with a practically infinite reservoir of cat videos, Flora is fairly content–even while living in a coffin-like metal booth. All human survivors live in one of these booths in a pit, after all.

Everything stays splendid, until an undeniably real-sounding meow interrupts Flora’s regular cat-video-viewing session.

When confronted with the real, what is a person used to the virtual supposed to do?

🏜 🌼 💧

In the middle of the desert, a giant dome stands, made of fortified glass.

Inside it: another, much smaller dome, black for privacy.

Outside: thirsty humans. Hundreds, possibly thousands.

Nora Haynes spends Eternal Summer inside. Luck blessed her that way. Timothy blessed her that way.

But as the knocking of the madpeople continues, clamoring for water, her little bitter trick of ignoring them threatens to fall apart…


Blind in One Eye

🌑 👁‍🗨 🌕

For the seers of the world who are hurting.

A rhyming triplet that tells a larger story.


001 📻 I do it for love. The market decides.

002 📻 I shall draw from the body of legendary wheels.

003 📻 I have an excellent example of a monopoly that must die.

004 📻 A smile harbors grotesqueries.


Updated in 2023 May: The First Spring Cleaning happened. Those who read the blog in real-time (ish) read the posts that were written way back when. But most of them are now gone. Poof.

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아임 드리밍


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