November 2022 Digest

The (somewhat) rainy season is here.

Yup, rain = good for Southern California.

Meanwhile, 아임 드리밍’s hiatus began, as planned.

Sponge continues on, less frequently but with longer episodes.

This month, I attempted two “fiction focus” weeks. It didn’t go as planned!

Of 14 days, I worked on fiction for 11 days. During those days, concentration was difficult. A lot of that had nothing to do with the writing itself. It had to do with my mindstate outside of writing.

Consequently, my plans for the coming few months will have to change. I’m thinking, more translation (both of my own work as well as for MODERN GROTESQUE TIMES), and hopefully, really hopefully, at least one completed fiction WIP work before March next year.

Next year! Can you believe it! Only December left!




  1. The trick…
  2. Out with the October digest
  3. “Because writers remember everything”
  4. 📚 The Power of Voice: A Guide to Making Yourself Heard by Denise Woods
  5. The only kind of therapy that works
  6. 📚 “Day of the Arrow” by Philip Loraine
  7. Winter (storm) has come.
  8. Rain, as promised.
  9. 📚 “Blutiger Winter” (A Killing Winter) by Tom Callaghan
  10. The Libby App!
  11. Listening to carols
  12. Learning in all kinds of ways
  13. Blue
  14. Mission Impossible: Dreams
  15. Series fatigue
  16. A warm belly
  17. First and last
  18. First coffee in 23 days
  19. Replaceability
  20. Tiktok to sell books
  21. A bullet-point diary entry.
  22. 지독한 약쟁이 sitting log #? + 1
  23. Distraction from distraction
  24. 📚 “Dopamine Nation” by Dr. Anna Lembke
  25. Fever dream
  26. Going back to no dinner
  27. Thanksgiving
  28. Testing fun
  29. Duo’s way of storytelling
  30. Shower songs!
  31. Coming to terms with changes
  32. Something like for (mobile) video uploads would be nice
  33. Audio danger

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