October 2022 Digest

Suddenly cold, suddenly time flies.

The end of the year always goes by more quickly than the rest of the year. Time has always been relative, with or without science.

I look at the blog entries. Without them, I would not have been able to recall the specific contexts and feelings that I felt while writing them. And without this digest, I wouldn’t have looked back.

The purpose of this digest is mainly for organization, not rumination. Still, looking back at past bits and snippets of myself has an odd effect on me. Good or bad, I don’t know. It is what it is, and it is an effect–it isn’t something that can be ignored.

Fall is the time of transition, and with the seasons, I transition as well. To what, I do not know.

Pure Fiction

🌹 🐁 👻

The closet swallowed his little sister. It really did. And yet, a year later, after it spat her back out, Elmer Warde must lie: I imagined it. I am insane.

This, after people suspected him of kidnapping his own sister.

And after they accused him of trying to murder her.

This is the ironic aftermath of a horror story that gets “solved”: the loved ones of the missing person (now missing no more) face a fallout. Elmer’s only hope of staying in touch with his little sister seems to be the insanity defense.

But must he settle for a sort-of-happy ending, or can he hope for a happy ending?




  1. Endel’s Watts tells me to wiggle
  2. The reading walker
  3. Umm nah you’re not a real human to me…
  4. Some life lessons I got from “수리남(Narco-Saints)”
  5. 📚 Die Radleys (The Radleys) by Matt Haig (…but mostly just a tangential criticism on critics)
  6. 📚 Superluminal by Vonda N. McIntyre
  7. I choose my flesh
  8. Wrapping up September 2022
  9. 📚 Damage Control by Robert Dugoni
  10. Spontaneous elongation
  11. 📚 The Guild by S.C. Mendes (and how, on Scribd, you can circumvent the algorithm and the humans who tell you what you’ll like)
  12. Hereditary, lightning
  13. 📚 Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  14. Streak brag and anti-refreshing updates
  15. It’s pouring rain…
  16. Liking < Love < Adoration
  17. The horror after the horror
  18. (Generic) You
  19. Body, not hand
  20. Compliments
  21. A bunch of love talk…
  22. Reselling digital books?
  23. 📚 Das Opfermesser by Simon Geraedts
  24. 📚 Who Gets What-And Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design by Alvin E. Roth
  25. Probably no “Erotica” Erotica
  26. 📚 This Is the Voice by John Colapinto
  27. No such thing as a small story. (archived from old newsletter.)
  28. Am I a human or an insect?
  29. Quantum Mechanics and Human-Centricism
  30. What does it feel like, to be born this cute?
  31. Home McNuggets
  32. Game plan
  33. Roller coaster
  34. Explicit!

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아임 드리밍


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