September 2022 Digest

A seemingly never-ending summer.

A daily rhythm for both Ithaka’s Blog and 일기 has been firmly established.

아임 드리밍 시즌 3 continues.

Sponge continues to cruise on. The episodes are getting longer, but I expected that. It happens to me all the time. I tend to write (and thus talk) long. Writing short is what’s difficult.

Outside of the desk, I am focusing on learning to use my body, and in general, filling my (creative) well. It was hot, SO HOT this summer, and with my head feeling feverish, I had ample time to contemplate health, ways to take care of myself, and the long-term.

Thank gods summer is over!

Pure Fiction

👶 👽 🌃

During another busy shift at the pub, Ben slips out to the back alley for a quick break.

Suddenly, he hears a noise from amidst the trash bags.

Having experienced enough unusual things in this multi-cultural district of Seoul ever since he moved from the other side of the globe, Ben approaches the source of the noise with mild amusement.

Maybe he shouldn’t have. This first contact brings with it more than the usual terrestrial company…




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퓨어 픽션

🔴 🟢 🔵

모든 것이 흑백인 어느 행성에서, 더는 그 무엇의 주인도 아닌 인간들이 감히 품었던 찰나의 희망에 관한 기록.

🚧 안내 🚧

‘수건과 화환’의 ‘텍스트 뷔페’ 전시를 위해, 오프라인 공간에서 각 챕터가 파편화된 상태로 읽히도록 쓰인 이야기입니다. 어떤 파편(챕터)을 먼저 주울지, 모두 줍기는 할지 알지 못한 상태로 이야기를 일부 혹은 전부 읽게 되는 것이 핵심입니다.

전시 당시에 쓰인 인쇄물의 디자인이 그대로 이 책에 들어가 있으며, 가독성을 위해 디자인을 제외한 글도 포함했습니다.


아임 드리밍


시간 순서대로:

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