Random Word Grotesqueries

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Six stories, each based on three random words.

1) golf, skin, king
When incest persists for many centuries, one of the results is that the chin may protrude and the arrangement of teeth may become chaotic.

2) sneakers, harmonica, boast
Several days before attending an audition at the world’s best music academy, a destitute boy—who was called a child prodigy—was gifted a pair of white sneakers by his grandmother.

3) mail, fried rice, art
If you send an electronic mail to the account managed by the devil, a fantastic piece of inspiration comes back in response. This rumor had existed at the Royal Art Academy for quite some time.

4) scalp, drum, wallet
There is a way to forever honor the resonance of a human soul after its death.

5) tap water, scribble, backcountry
In the backcountry, where not a single shabby shack stands in the one-hundred-kilometer radius, there are said to live many folks who perform strange art.

6) trial, fever, chin
Officially, it was called a trial, but in reality, it was more like a Hanging Announcement Ceremony.

Additional Details

  • Written by: Aim Han
  • Translated by: Ithaka O.
  • Language: English
  • Length: 46 pages (based on the Regular Print PDF version)
  • ISBN
    • Ebook: 978-1-63793-145-5


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