Agora Phantasmagoria

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Three stories, each based on three random words.

1) marsh, month, bird

Nothing beats a peaceful walk through the marsh, K told herself. Whistling a cheerful tune, she followed the winding path around a pond of elegantly floating ducks.

2) eye, exploration, morsel

When X learned that one of her eyes had gone blind, she didn’t cry.

3) obstacle, sculpture, assessment

Not anybody and everybody could get a contract with the devil.
That was one thing that people were so frequently mistaken about: they thought that all that the devil did with its life was to comb through the human world in search of the perfect candidate for its sick, sweet deals.

Additional Details

  • Written by: Ithaka O.
  • Language: English
  • Length: 64 pages (based on the Regular Print PDF version)
  • ISBN
    • Ebook: 978-1-63793-138-7
    • Regular-size paperback: 978-1-63793-139-4
    • Large Print paperback: 978-1-63793-140-0


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