Destination: Detour

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A life in service of a greater good is a life worth living…
…at any cost?

Aria, an aidbot technician, once again finds herself at the airport. She’s ready to leave this city behind and go wherever the next available flight takes her to. Nothing holds her back. Sometimes that’s freeing. But mostly, she feels terribly restless.

Lucky her, because she runs into the great bot engineer Antonius Wang. And when she sees that this old man needs help due to his malfunctioning aidbot, she gladly volunteers. Clearly, this encounter is mean-to-be.

Problem: Mr. Wang’s aidbot is 200 grams overweight and isn’t allowed on any aircraft. And because of those 200 grams, Aria’s travel plans take terribly unexpected turns in a world of intelligent bots, replaceable humans, and some beings in-between…

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Additional Details

  • Written by: Ithaka O.
  • Language: English
  • Length: 316 pages (based on the Regular Print PDF version)
  • ISBN
    • Ebook: 978-1-63793-110-3
    • Regular-size paperback: 978-1-63793-111-0
    • Large Print paperback: 978-1-63793-142-4


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