He Asked Me a Question, I Answered with Truth

He Asked Me a Question, I Answered with Truth_Ithaka O._vertical

Previously published as ‘He Asked Me a Question, I Answered with Truth’ by Noct Moll.

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Vampires: lustful, adventurous, cruel…
Meet Celeste: eternally jaded, hopelessly introspective, and more than anything else, lonely.

Celeste lived in solitude for well over a century—never a word about her true identity, never a hint about her bloodthirst to anyone.

A hundred freezing winters have come and gone. Flowers have bloomed and withered as many times.

Given the loneliness and the fatigue from hiding her true self, is it such a big surprise that she told the truth, for once, in response to an incredibly honest question?

But soon, the uncontrollable fallout from her simple, truthful answer unfolds.

Additional Details

  • Written by: Ithaka O.
  • Language: English
  • Length: 260 pages (based on the Regular Print PDF version)
  • ISBN
    • Ebook: 978-1-63793-093-9
    • Regular-size paperback: 978-1-63793-116-5
    • Large Print paperback: 978-1-63793-117-2


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