The Face Factory

Arthur Schopenhauer. Frida Kahlo. Helen of Troy.

Bazz is the proud designer of the unique, noble, and memorable faces given to these icons.

Art. Craft. Life itself. That is what face design is, for Bazz.

He does whatever it takes to design faces that make a human’s life worth living: spending long shifts at his workstation at the Face Design Department, dealing with his uninspiring boss, and limiting his existential rumination to the briefest of moments so that he doesn’t think too much about the Nothing or Everything that lies beyond the Earth Life Production Center. By moons, suns, and stars, if he didn’t dedicate himself to his vision, he wouldn’t even know what to do with himself!

His existence goes on splendidly, until, all of a sudden, a formless yet formidable enemy appears:

More and more humans are populating Earth. Each of them needs a face to be born with. And nowadays, this annoying thing called the internet happens to come equipped with technology that makes the re-use of a classic face definitely tricky and potentially dangerous…

Additional Details

  • Written by: Ithaka O.
  • Language: English
  • Length: 276 pages (based on the Regular Print PDF version)
  • ISBN
    • Ebook: 978-1-63793-159-2
    • Regular-size paperback: Later
    • Large Print paperback: Later


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