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  • Ithaka Dreaming Season 1 Transcripts

    Ithaka Dreaming Season 1 Transcripts

    This season lasted from December 17th, 2021 to March 4th, 2022, weekly. (The bulletin went out on March 11th, 2022.) You can listen to the episodes here: Additional Details Written by: Ithaka O. Language: English Length: 300 pages (based on the pdf version) Availability Vault [Ep. 1] This is where it begins. —

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  • Silver Lining

    Silver Lining

    🌧️ 🌪️ ⚱️Survivor’s guilt. It comes in all shapes and forms.Even as a funeral guest. Kevin Ralter blames himself for his wife’s death. Little does he know that she met someone up there in the clouds before drawing her last breath. Can Kevin handle an unexpected meeting with this mysterious figure? Additional Details Written by: […]

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  • Final Fugue

    Final Fugue

    🏙 🎼 🧳Murder means the end of the world for the murdered person… …except when they enter another world. Zacharias Steele dreams of making it big as a professional pianist. In the 1920s, the most dazzling place in which to accomplish that dream is New York City. Once there, Zach auditions, interviews, tries out, you […]

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  • Undoing Cycles

    Undoing Cycles

    🧺 🏠 📍Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is suffering… …until you remember your past. Seventeen-year-old Lisa manages the laundry at the hotel between worlds. Has always managed, in the eternity stretching backward. Will always manage, in the eternity stretching forward. In other words, forever. Because that’s what the worker-residents of the hotel do for the recently-dead. […]

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  • To Me Who Is Useless

    To Me Who Is Useless

    A life of purpose, a life of use. It’s a blissful state of certainty. But even that magic can’t last forever. 🔮 🧙‍♀️ 🏙️ In Seoul, the never-sleeping metropolis of blinding lights, a figurine awaits the sorceress’s calling. It is an other-self figurine, meaning, it exists for a single purpose: to become the sorceress herself […]

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  • Milk


    🐄 👵 🍼 Something extraordinary connects Sonje Rapp to Anabelle, her beloved cow. So when Sonje’s grandson comes to rob the cow, of course she tries to stop him. One problem: he figured out just what makes their relationship so magical, and is willing to pay a high price… Additional Details Written by: Ithaka O. Language: English […]

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